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Meet Yana Monet 27 year old Real Estate Investor & SheEO. In 2012 Yana was evicted and had her car repossessed within a 4 month period. Car-less and with a 500 credit score, She was determine to dig herself out of a hole with financial literacy as her tool. Just 2 years, self educated and armed with a 750 credit score, Yana began her real estate career.

Since 2014 Yana has been an advocate of using real estate as a vehicle to financial freedom.

As a practicing Realtor and Real estate Investment Specialist Yana has assisted her clients in achieving their investment goals through creative,and practical execution strategies. She became a homeowner in 2016 and has since retired using multiple investment properties across the country to support her lifestyle. Yana has a passion for “ Improving the quality of life for the community” thru the means of financial freedom and #EmpowHERment.

In 2019 Yana founded SheEO Capital Ventures which is a joint venture initiative that coaches women on investment strategies, as well as supports aspiring SheEOs by offering tools and to become investors and eventual Early Retirement.